Solar Impulse 2 is an aeroplane that is powered entirely on solar power. It aims to give a message to encourage the use of green technologies. Click here to visit the solar impulse website. Departing on  23rd July 2016, it is on the last leg of its journey around the world from Cairo in Egypt to Abu Dhabi in United Arab Emirates. The flight is estimated to take around 48 hours.

I have done some research and found out some stats:

Top speed: 80 km/h

Wing span: 63 m

Weight: 1,600 kg

Length: 22 m

Cruise speed: 70 km/h

Engine type: Electric motor


I think that solar impulse is a great project, with amazing potential.

Image credit: By Milko Vuille (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons