I have done a bird survey in South East England, as it is becoming increasingly important to keep tags on wildlife in a world where humans have an enormous impact on the natural world. In total, I recorded 49 birds over a time span of four days. Here are my results:


You can tell from the graph that some of the birds were spotted in different habitats; for example, on 27.10.16, most of the birds are waders, as they were identified in a beach/wetland environment.

Why not do your own wildlife survey? You could do one on your own, or you could take part in one of the many citizen science projects around the world. To take part in one of these, you record information, and then upload it to a website. If you live in the UK, the Natural History museum has many projects, which you can find here, or you could participate in a BioBlitz, where you find as much wildlife as you can in your local green space.

If you do a survey, post a comment with your results ā€“ Iā€™d love to see them!

  1. I found this dead grass snake just down my road ā€“ it had been run over. Snakes are amazing creatures and we need to take care of them.

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