Sorry for the delay – I have been quite busy the last few weeks. Anyway, here’s the next installment of The Homo Spaciens

The two humans’ eyes met. Lee didn’t know what to do, but he found himself walking towards the other person. When they met, the two people just stared at each other in silence –neither of them knew what to say – they were both astounded to find another human on this distant planet. Finally, Lee spoke. “Who are you?” he whispered. The other being stood for a moment, then said “A human, just like you. Come with me.” Lee wasn’t sure about whether to follow them or not, but the other human had already started walking towards their spaceship, so he could do nothing but follow.

Once inside the spacecraft, which Lee noticed was rather cold, the other person took of their helmet, and cried “Hello! I’m Patrick! How do you do?”

Lee was taken aback by this enthusiastic introduction, so it was a few seconds before he replied “Hello, Patrick, I’m fine thank you. Um, are you sure that you’re a human, because I’m pretty sure that there haven’t been any missions to Alpha Centauri apart from mine. At least not from earth, anyway.”

“Ah, but we’re not from Earth, you see. Our ancestors were, but not us,” the mysterious man replied.

“We?” enquired Lee, “But there’s only one of you!”

“You haven’t met my pal Leroy yet,” was the answer “I’m sure you’ll like him”

As he said this, Patrick began to lead Lee deeper into the spaceship, to a room which looked like it was the main area in the ship. There were screens attached to the wall; all of them were showing error messages, except one, which displayed instructions on how to fix the thermal systems of the spaceship – that was why it was so cold! A man emerged from a hatch in the floor, who Lee assumed to be Leroy, the man Patrick had told him about earlier. His face was covered in oil and grease, and he was holding some sort of high-tech multi-tool contraption that he must have been using to repair the spacecraft. “Hi! The name’s Leroy,” he announced in a cheery voice “I saw your rocket from the window. Are you from Earth?”

“Yes, I am,” Lee responded.

“Right! I’ve just got to finish mending the thermal system, and then we can sit down and we’ll tell you about who we are and where we come from.”