Cameras flashed, and people holding what looked like microphones bombarded the trio with questions. When they finally managed to push through the crowds, they were greeted by a man wearing black clothes and dark glasses, who asked them to follow. He took them to a hovering vehicle, and then walked off. Patrick and Leroy were completely calm, and seemed to be used to this sort of thing.

“Who’s going to drive us?” Lee wondered, confused – back on Earth, driverless cars were only available for the rich, although he supposed times would have moved on in the one hundred years he had spent travelling to Alpha Centauri. Lee’s question was answered as the car started to move – by itself.


Soon they came into the centre of this part of the city, where there was a lot more traffic: hovering cars whizzed along in both directions, at incredible speeds, and trucks carrying high-tech building materials and equipment trundled along beside.

“Where are we going?” Lee asked.

“Well, I thought we’d go to our lodgings at CSO headquarters, and then there’ll probably be a bunch of journalists at the door, and they’ll keep us busy for a bit. And then we can get a good night’s sleep before we see the King tomorrow,” said Leroy, “Sound OK?”

“Yep, sounds good.”