The next day, Lee woke up and found it hard to believe what had happened the day before – he’d discovered humans in space! Or rather, they had discovered him. The night before, as Leroy had predicted, they had found journalists and television cameras outside Patrick and Leroy’s door, all jostling to ask the trio questions. Some of them had been a bit uncomfortable around Lee, which was understandable since they’d never seen someone from Earth before.

Lee got dressed, and went into the room which Patrick had told him was the dining room, and sat at a very hi-tech-looking table for breakfast – a full English (Lee was amazed when Leroy cooked something he was familiar with) accompanied by tè-dolce, the drink that they’d had in the spaceship. As he ate, Lee asked about why the table had so many buttons and computer screens on it.

“Well,” Patrick explained “the screens display information about missions, so we can find out what we’ll be doing during the day while eating breakast – although, when we don’t have any missions, they just show stuff like the news and weather.”

Lee jumped as a photograph of himself flashed across his screen – it was a newspaper article about him! It read:



Last night, Cosmic Surveillance Operatives, Patrick Rossmore and Leroy Thindrell, brought back an amazing discovery from their information-gathering mission to the star system Alpha Centauri – a human from Earth! “He’s called Lee,” Rossmore told us, “we found him while investigating strange signals that we intercepted, originating from the Alpha Centauri system.”

One of our reporters asked Lee what he thought about Spazionazione, to which he answered “It’s all so similar here to Earth – the people, the buildings, even some of the vehicles! Obviously there are a lot of differences as well, but I feel quite at home here!

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